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No One Puts Baby in a Corner

I’ve been up since 05:00. Just staring at the ceiling and my phone. Watching the time ever so eagerly do I could go downstairs to wash my hair. I suppose I should mention it feels like it’s 30 below in the house and I wanted to go take a shower and wash my thick kinky/curly/coily hair. Yeah what was I smoking?!

Fortunately, it was for a good cause. Today, I am going to a bridal shower. Not just any bridal shower although I can’t imagine being excited to go any other bridal shower but my baby sister’s bridal shower. My baby sister will be getting married just after New Years. I’m excited for her and her fiancé. They’ve been through a lot in the short period that they’ve been together. Plus my sister deserves to be happy.

I’m also excited because I’m sorta surprising my baby sis, other sister and mama. See, I told my older sister two days still makes that cheeky heffa older a month ago that I might have to work today which wasn’t a complete fib because the network was going to have three games today and guaranteed tricky switching. Plus we didn’t find out the teams for the first two games until this past Monday. Well, when I told my sister this, she was okay with it. I think she really thought I wouldn’t have to work. Buuuuut I told her I had to work.

Now here’s da part she dunno. I fibbed. I rarely fib to my sisters because I can’t get away with it. Heffas know me so well they can see right through my deception except this week. LOL I didn’t talk much to the oldest. So it was easy.

I did tell her that I had a surprise for her today. I know I’m a stinker for fibbing but I thought it would be sweet and funny for me to surprise my sisters and Mami. I haven’t seen them since the summer and I know that being there would mean a lot to them especially Mami. Plus I ain’t tryna hear my sister guilt trip me for a damn year about not going. Yo, you know you got that one sibling or relative that’ll lay into you for the big and little things you don’t do.

Anyway… I shall post pictures tomorrow maybe if today’s events. Wish me luck folks because y’all know I ain’t da girlie OMG it’s a wedding/bridal shower let’s plan mine next type of chick. I ain’t da one. I sho would be off wit da boys shooting the shit while the women folk get all worked up over EVERYTHING! Did I mention Mami is putting me to work at said bridal shower?! LOL I was just going to stuff ma face. Ugh the life of a big sister.

Oh well it’s for a good cause. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Okay you guys have a great Saturday. Keep me posted on any college football upsets.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee