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Sunday Funday Wash Day… Um NOT!

Sundays are usually when I get off my lazy behind to give Luquisha Renáe a good ole washing. Mind you that’s usually. There are weeks when I don’t want to be bothered with washing Luquisha because it’s so time consuming. I figure the longer she get the longer it’ll take to wash and detangle.

dear gawd why?!?! sad face sad face

Please don’t mind my whining in this post. I do love being natural and being able to rock a bitchin’ fro… I just hate the process of getting to that awesome bad ass fro.

Take today for example. I started pre-pooing my hair around 13:30. I dry divided my hair into 15 sections. Once I finished dividing my hair, I proceeded to apply Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish, a coconut and jojoba oil and water mixture and SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner to each individual section. Once each section was fully saturated with the above, I two strand twisted each section or a divided section and pinned them into Bantu knots. All of that took three hours and fifteen minutes which was about 16:45.

I ran around the house for a few minutes to let my hair set and soak up the pre-poo. Then I took out the bobby pins so I could take a shower which always takes thirty minutes. I’m just good like that.

I partially dried maybe 80% my hair with a towel and put a palm full of Miss Jessie’s Leave In Condish. I sat in my room for a bit then applied another palm full of the Leave In Condish. By this time it was 18:10. Since I needed to go buy gas for my truck, I put Luquisha in a plastic shower cap, put my new beanie over the shower cap and went to the Shell station up the street.

lol I know you are prolly getting bored with this long winded narrative but it’s to prove a point. Work wit me!!

I went and came back. My brother and his youngest were walking in the house so of course I played with my hunky little nephew for a little bit; who was wearing his new JJ Swatt jersey!!! They didn’t stay long so that maybe delayed me ten more minutes.

I think I started the final process of auctioning my hair and applying SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Milk and Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream can y’all tell I love products with coconut?! to my hair and two strand twists with Bantu knots. Towards the end of it all, I got really lazy and my hair was getting really dry and twisted the remaining hair in Bantu knots only. I finally finished my hair at 20:54.

20 fucking 54!!!

Sigh yes I know Luquisha will thank me later for taking almost a full work day to wash, detangle and protective style her but damn!!! It never ceases to amaze me what naturals go through just to maintain their kinky/curly/coily manes. I’ve mentioned before that I’m extremely lazy when it comes to Luquisha. I’ve always had a less is more attitude when it comes to hair and beauty even though I’ve mildly aspired to be less lazy. by less I mean a whopping 2% less lol

Okay okay that concludes my wash day rant. I promise these will be kept to a maximum of four a year.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Sunday Wash Day

So this past Sunday was wash day.

I don’t like wash days LOL. They are tedious and daunting and that’s just when I’m detangling my hair. They remind me of when I was little when my maternal grandmother would do my hair. If I remember correctly, I have always had thick hair. Thick hair means twice as much crying, whining “it hurts”, thoughts and feelings of hate yes its that crucial, and the desire to runaway or chop your hair off whichever meant getting away from the person doing my hair faster.

OMG I remember my grandmother would use the small toothed comb with handle. If you’re thinking it was used solely for getting the kinks out, you’re sadly mistaken. Unfortunately black mamas and grandmamas use these combs as switches or least mine did when I wouldn’t sit still. If you don’t know what a switch is please click here and read the second definition.

Sorry painful flashback.

I have to admit since I have been going to Miss May at the Victory Lakes JcPenny if you live in the area and are looking for an experienced black hairstylist I suggest you go to her. Tell her Cheycara sent you, I have become spoiled. She works so dern fast and and efficiently. She educates me on what she’s doing to my hair as well as on the products she uses in my hair. And when she washes my hair lawd… I feel like… Shit I honestly don’t really know what I’m feeling. There’s something about a beautician who can scratch. It almost feels better than sex. Lol I know I sound crazy but it feels that good. Don’t tell Miss May that though please LOL.

I wish I could recreate the same feeling at home. Perhaps I’m not using enough shampoo. The small bottle I had lasted me a couple of months but I was also getting a relaxer then. Since i go to the salon every other month, I usually wash my hair once or twice a month (or every two weeks depending on how long I have between salon visits). I use KeraCare Shampoo which is the same shampoo Miss May uses at the salon and it is sulfate free. However, it doesn’t lather like it does at the salon. ugh nothing is like it is at the salon!!!! Of course like I said, I don’t think I’m using enough shampoo. Or it could be the conditioner I use. I started using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner and the Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment as my deep conditioner. The deep conditioner works well on my hair. It feels so soft and clean. However, I used the conditioner I suppose two weeks ago and whatever reason it just didn’t give the same results as it has before. Does anyone know if conditioner goes bad? I wouldn’t think so since most shampoo and conditioners sit on the shelf in stores and salons for such a long time.

At any rate, wash day was not a successful day for Luquisha and I. don’t ask me why I chose this particular name for my hair. It just came to me one day. After I deep conditioned and put some Garnier 1-Minute Hydro Replenish in my hair, I twisted my hair in Bantu knots which is a process I need to continue to work on. I part my hair in three sections and try to work on each section separately. However, when I get to the back is where I run into the most issues. The back (i.e. the crown and kitchen area) is usually cut in layers and even though I separate it into even smaller sections, it still doesn’t come out right. Here’s a video my Grandbig found on YouTube for a bantu knot tutorial

Sigh… I’m determined not to give up on my hair like I did in 2009. I welcome any advice any natural woman and/or blogger has to offer.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee