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The Adventures of Daredevil and Gemini

Today is a very exciting day for me. Well prolly more so for the two young ladies in my featured image than for me. But I’m excited nonetheless!

Today ladies and gentlemen, my APO littles, Daredevil and Gemini, make their return to the states from a semester long, 18 country 16 city study abroad adventure. They left me…. I mean they left the states on August 20th to fly to London which is where their adventure began. From there, they set off to divide and conquer THE WORLDinsert pinky and the brain cartoon theme song here

Throughout their journey, I have slightly been a nervous wreck. Yaaaaaaas slightly! I won’t tell you how worried I really was because one of them reads my blog. LOL I can already see her laughing and shaking her head at me which they both do quite frequently. They’ll say laughing “oh big.” To which I’ll reply in my big tone I cannot help myself.

It’s true! I worry about all my littles actually. I’ve lost touch with a few of them but doesn’t mean I don’t think about them often. But like most things, that’s for a different more drunken beyond emotional roller coaster breakdown type of post. trust me I’m saving your liver

Daredevil just messaged me about 40 minutes ago to say she’s in America!! I haven’t heard from Gemini yet. When she emailed last night, she mentioned not having a phone which worries me but she said she’d have one once she’s home so I will be impatiently waiting to hear from her.

I’m so dern happy about my babies yaaaas I call them my babies being stateside. It feels like they’ve been away for longer than four months. I wonder how much they’ve grown mentally and emotionally. If people think going to college does things to a person, I can only imagine what being on a ship for that long would do. I’m fairly certain both have changed quite a bit but hopefully they haven’t changed so much that “home” doesn’t quite seem like “home.”


They fly out tomorrow morning for Texas and both are so incredibly excited to be back. Daredevil’s boyfriend is prolly more excited than I am to have her back in the city. I’m fairly certain that he might just sequester her for a while more like a week or three lol which is cute and understandable. So I will be patient.

Well, if you read this girls, have safe travels and please be careful. ❤ big

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The Southern Yankee

No One Puts Baby in a Corner

I’ve been up since 05:00. Just staring at the ceiling and my phone. Watching the time ever so eagerly do I could go downstairs to wash my hair. I suppose I should mention it feels like it’s 30 below in the house and I wanted to go take a shower and wash my thick kinky/curly/coily hair. Yeah what was I smoking?!

Fortunately, it was for a good cause. Today, I am going to a bridal shower. Not just any bridal shower although I can’t imagine being excited to go any other bridal shower but my baby sister’s bridal shower. My baby sister will be getting married just after New Years. I’m excited for her and her fiancé. They’ve been through a lot in the short period that they’ve been together. Plus my sister deserves to be happy.

I’m also excited because I’m sorta surprising my baby sis, other sister and mama. See, I told my older sister two days still makes that cheeky heffa older a month ago that I might have to work today which wasn’t a complete fib because the network was going to have three games today and guaranteed tricky switching. Plus we didn’t find out the teams for the first two games until this past Monday. Well, when I told my sister this, she was okay with it. I think she really thought I wouldn’t have to work. Buuuuut I told her I had to work.

Now here’s da part she dunno. I fibbed. I rarely fib to my sisters because I can’t get away with it. Heffas know me so well they can see right through my deception except this week. LOL I didn’t talk much to the oldest. So it was easy.

I did tell her that I had a surprise for her today. I know I’m a stinker for fibbing but I thought it would be sweet and funny for me to surprise my sisters and Mami. I haven’t seen them since the summer and I know that being there would mean a lot to them especially Mami. Plus I ain’t tryna hear my sister guilt trip me for a damn year about not going. Yo, you know you got that one sibling or relative that’ll lay into you for the big and little things you don’t do.

Anyway… I shall post pictures tomorrow maybe if today’s events. Wish me luck folks because y’all know I ain’t da girlie OMG it’s a wedding/bridal shower let’s plan mine next type of chick. I ain’t da one. I sho would be off wit da boys shooting the shit while the women folk get all worked up over EVERYTHING! Did I mention Mami is putting me to work at said bridal shower?! LOL I was just going to stuff ma face. Ugh the life of a big sister.

Oh well it’s for a good cause. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Okay you guys have a great Saturday. Keep me posted on any college football upsets.

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The Southern Yankee

Sibling Rivalry

You’re going to think I’m weird but I long to have some sort of sibling rivalry with my brothers. I have two brothers and my heart yearns to be more than just the sister from our old man’s second wife. The oldest and I have a pretty strong relationship but it isn’t what I’ve always hoped it to be. And well my relationship with the youngest is nonexistent. So nonexistent that I couldn’t even tell you anything about his favorite things. So nonexistent that I hardly even exist.

Am I crazy for wanting this well deserved relationship with my brothers? Am I crazy for getting jealous of my friends who have siblings they can fight with on the regular?

Lemme backup for a second.

I have two sets of siblings.

First set is composed of my two brothers in California. All of us have different mamas. Yep the old fucker was a hoe.

The second set is composed of friends who I’ve been blessed to have in my corner for YEARS now.

And while the second of siblings and I are the real deal Holyfield, I still want something meaningful with my blood related brothers. I still desire to be involved in their lives. To know when they’re in trouble. To shoot da shit with them randomly. To have that “member when we kids” conversation. I’m asking for too much huh? We’re all too old now and I just dunno if that’s in the cards for us.

It’s so hard to even talk to them about this because my brothers don’t even talk to each other and they live in the same state maybe an hour or two away from each depending on the routes. Don’t get me wrong; my brothers are great, handsome and intelligent men. But uuuuhhhh they’re also equally stubborn and hard-headed. Family trait gone wrong if you ask me.. The oldest has an “obey my au-thor-ti” Cartman complex. Lawd he enjoys the oldest sibling and grandchild role a little too much. The youngest is young and stupid. You can’t tell him anything because well the youngen thank he know e’rythang.

**rolling my eyes** my brothers are such BOYS!

Part of me almost feels like that because the we were raised so differently, trying to find a happy medium for all of us would be difficult. Yes I know it’s probably not even my job to do but my heart is so heavy. I miss them more than anything yet I’ve never really spent more than a few hours with either of them. Is that weird? That I can love my brothers soooooo very much but don’t know them on a personal deeper level. That their well-being weighs heavy on my heart. That they’re safe, sound and healthy.

The fact of this very strange desire to have some sort of sibling rivalry is the fact that I don’t want something to happen to any of us and it be too late to say hey bruh (or sis) i love you more than you’ll ever know. Yeah that sounds sappy and mushy but too often families are separated over something stupid. Too often it’s too late before they ever come together again or even the first time. I’m tired of wasting time. I’m tired of waiting for both of them to grow a fucking pair just so I can have the relationship I so rightfully deserve because again I didn’t choose to move to Texas.

I didn’t ask the old fucker to poke around with three different broads and have a child with each so that his kids would be estranged later in life.

I never asked for any of it. Yet I’m the one hurting. I know my oldest brother feels the need to be responsible for the family but he has his own shit to deal with. Fuck we all do! But what can we do if no one makes the effort to make things better?

Imagine there was no tomorrow
Imagine that I couldn’t see your face
There would be no limit to my sorrow
’cause there’s nothing that could fill that space
I don’t wanna put it off for too long
I didn’t say all that I had to say
I wanna take my time and right the wrong before we get to that place


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The Southern Yankee

Feliz Cumpleaños Hermano

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Alpha Phi Omega Big, Oscar aka Panic Room aka Professor X aka Sabidillo damn son he has so many alias lol no wonder he’s muy loco!

Anyway te amo mucho mucho mucho! Ten un buendisimo dia!

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The Southern Yankee  

Day 24: A Song that You Have Danced to With Your Best Friend

You know my girl now?

You know my girl just called me up
And she woke me from my sleep
You should have heard the things she said
You know she hurt my feelings deep

I’m gonna buy me a dog
A dog? A dog
Why? Why?
‘Cause I need a friend now
Babe, you need all the friends
You can get, I’m tellin’ you
I’m gonna buy me a dog
My girl, my girl, don’t love me no how

Don’t ruin my song man
It’s the only song I have
It was ruined when it was wrote
Uh, where’s the verse?

By The Monkees


My sister Cheri and I have had many MANY songs that we have happily put a song and dance act to over the years. Most times we were drunk while putting on such performances but other times we were completely sober and having a field day being as stoooopid as possible. Gonna Buy Me a Dog is one of those songs that warrants all kinds of childish behavior without explanation or justification of soberness. Anyway… this song reminds me of all the crazy spontaneous adventures my sister and I would have when we were younger. After soooooo many years no I’m not exactly sure of the number of years I’ve known her I’m so very thankful to still have her in my life. She is the absolute bestest!

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The Southern Yankee