Day 6: Something You Hope You Never Have to Do

It is 21:32 Monday evening and I’m barely starting to write today’s post.

Football had me straight trippin over the weekend and I fell behind. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish is post before 00:00.

Side note: for those looking at your computer crossed eyed trying to figure out what the hell kind of time I be tellin… It’s military time. No I am not in the military but I work in television which is a 24-hour business.

So it’s Day 6 of the 30 Days of Truth challenge. I feel like this post will take the most out of me simply because I am uncertain what exactly that would be. So many major life altering events have happened in the news over my lifetime; all of which no less tragic than the previous. But then I think about how children and teenagers vastly different from when I was “their age”. Lawd I sound like an old person sitting on the front porch in a rocker smh

When I was younger, especially in my teenage years, I hoped I would never have a child like me because I was a horrible little shit. at least I was in mine and my family’s eyes. Of course compared to kids nowadays, I’m sure my rebellion period seemed like a walk in the park. Seriously!! I would have never thought to take a gun to school. Or steal my mother’s car to go I don’t know where. Yes I pulled some crazy stuff but certainly nothing that would even be the icing on the cake for what some parents deal with now…

But as I sit and think about recent events I’ve read, seen and/or heard about in the news, the first that comes to mind is the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. I am not going to begin to even rationalize how it would feel or how it will feel as the days, months and years pass. I pray that something as horrific as this or the Aurora theatre shooting or even Columbine never happens in an area around me because I honestly do not even want to know what I would or would not do in those situations. I cannot even express how heartbroken I was and still am for the parents, teachers, siblings, classmates of those who passed away. Can anyone imagine how President Obama felt not only as the President of the United States but as a father of two relatively young daughters when he delivered his speech about Sandy Hook?

I’m sure there were plenty of people out there who said “oh well I would’ve done this this and that if I were in that situation.” but honestly, I don’t think anyone can prepare for that! Say what you will against that statement, my argument will be the same: Personal experience trumps hypothetical reasoning in certain situations. So please do not post the “well I think you’re wrong because…” comments.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee