Day 2: A Song that Reminds You of Your Most Recent Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend

It used to be our song.
When it come on the radio,
I’d crank it up LOUD
Smile bigger than
My chubby cheeks could stand
I could almost hear him singing

He don’t understand you like I do
No he’ll never make love to you like I do so give it to me
‘Cause I can show you ’bout a real love
And I can promise anything that I do is just to satisfy you

I loved him more than I should’ve
I needed him more than he needed me

When you weak, I’ll make you strong, here’s where you belong
I ain’t perfect, but I promise I won’t do you wrong
Keep you away from harm, my love is protected
I’ll wrap you in my arms so you’ll never feel neglected

Now the song is buried
Within the 3000+ songs
Stored on my iPhone
Only to be skipped

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee