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So my beautician, Miss May, called me last Thursday afternoon.

The conversation went somewhat like this:

Miss May: Hey Cheycara
she’s one of very few people that calls me by my name and I don’t think I’m in trouble.

Me: Heeey Miss May

Miss May: So what are we doing on Saturday?

Me: Ummmm I dunno… Maybe a deep conditioning….

Miss May: Yeah we can do that but don’t you think it’s time to cut your hair.

Me: WHAT?! Nooooooooooo!
Umm I guess so

Miss May: Well at least think about it and let me know on Saturday

Me: Yes ma’am… See you Saturday!

LOL first of all, I wasn’t really surprised Miss May said something about cutting my hair because she already knows how I am about my hair. This would be the second time I have gone natural and to be perfectly honest before Saturday I was scared out of my mind. Not because I was going natural but because I didn’t want my hair to look like it did during the first attempt at being natural. I admit I bit off more than I could really chew when I went natural the first time. I didn’t know half the things I do now. The information was out there but it wasn’t OUT THERE like it is now. I’m proud to say that I have found several natural hair blogs and YouTube vlogs that are FULL of information and tutorials. please see the list at the end of this post.

So for the remainder of the day on Thursday and all day Friday, I mulled over the idea of cutting my hair. I went back and forth with myself as well as one of my sisters and decided to cut my hair even though I was still mildly set against cutting it when I walked into the salon.

But I have to say, that even though I FOUGHT the idea of cutting my hair, I’m really glad I followed Miss May’s advice because I’m completely in love with my hair which is something I could not and did not say when I attempted to go natural the first time. Yes I was natural for four years but I didn’t take care of my hair. When I “returned to the dark side”, I started paying more attention to my hair and what products I used because I was getting a relaxer every other month and I needed to be able to extend the amount of time my hair “stayed straight”.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

Saturday, May 18



Here is the list of natural hair blogs and vlogs that have helped me on my natural hair journey thus far.



Please remember that not everyone’s method of taking care of their hair will work for someone else. Trust me it took me a very long time to learn that very valuable piece of advance. However, I have also learned that I can study and modify someone else’s regimen to make it work for me and my hair.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Sunday Wash Day

So this past Sunday was wash day.

I don’t like wash days LOL. They are tedious and daunting and that’s just when I’m detangling my hair. They remind me of when I was little when my maternal grandmother would do my hair. If I remember correctly, I have always had thick hair. Thick hair means twice as much crying, whining “it hurts”, thoughts and feelings of hate yes its that crucial, and the desire to runaway or chop your hair off whichever meant getting away from the person doing my hair faster.

OMG I remember my grandmother would use the small toothed comb with handle. If you’re thinking it was used solely for getting the kinks out, you’re sadly mistaken. Unfortunately black mamas and grandmamas use these combs as switches or least mine did when I wouldn’t sit still. If you don’t know what a switch is please click here and read the second definition.

Sorry painful flashback.

I have to admit since I have been going to Miss May at the Victory Lakes JcPenny if you live in the area and are looking for an experienced black hairstylist I suggest you go to her. Tell her Cheycara sent you, I have become spoiled. She works so dern fast and and efficiently. She educates me on what she’s doing to my hair as well as on the products she uses in my hair. And when she washes my hair lawd… I feel like… Shit I honestly don’t really know what I’m feeling. There’s something about a beautician who can scratch. It almost feels better than sex. Lol I know I sound crazy but it feels that good. Don’t tell Miss May that though please LOL.

I wish I could recreate the same feeling at home. Perhaps I’m not using enough shampoo. The small bottle I had lasted me a couple of months but I was also getting a relaxer then. Since i go to the salon every other month, I usually wash my hair once or twice a month (or every two weeks depending on how long I have between salon visits). I use KeraCare Shampoo which is the same shampoo Miss May uses at the salon and it is sulfate free. However, it doesn’t lather like it does at the salon. ugh nothing is like it is at the salon!!!! Of course like I said, I don’t think I’m using enough shampoo. Or it could be the conditioner I use. I started using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition conditioner and the Triple Nutrition 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment as my deep conditioner. The deep conditioner works well on my hair. It feels so soft and clean. However, I used the conditioner I suppose two weeks ago and whatever reason it just didn’t give the same results as it has before. Does anyone know if conditioner goes bad? I wouldn’t think so since most shampoo and conditioners sit on the shelf in stores and salons for such a long time.

At any rate, wash day was not a successful day for Luquisha and I. don’t ask me why I chose this particular name for my hair. It just came to me one day. After I deep conditioned and put some Garnier 1-Minute Hydro Replenish in my hair, I twisted my hair in Bantu knots which is a process I need to continue to work on. I part my hair in three sections and try to work on each section separately. However, when I get to the back is where I run into the most issues. The back (i.e. the crown and kitchen area) is usually cut in layers and even though I separate it into even smaller sections, it still doesn’t come out right. Here’s a video my Grandbig found on YouTube for a bantu knot tutorial

Sigh… I’m determined not to give up on my hair like I did in 2009. I welcome any advice any natural woman and/or blogger has to offer.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee


So today ladies and gentleman, I’m starting anew.

For those who know me, I have had a relaxer (a relaxer is the chemical process of loosening the curls and kinks to straighten hair. For black women, it can be our saving grace as well as hair demise) on my hair for now four years. Before that, my hair was natural. I loved being natural but my hair didn’t love me being natural. I didn’t do what was needed to maintain healthy looking and feeling natural hair.

For those who are looking at your screen like what the hell she talkin bout, being natural is at least the way I understand it is no longer putting chemicals (relaxers, sulfates, etc) on a woman’s hair. It just isn’t healthy for one and two it’s damn expensive. For me, it isn’t that expensive because I don’t live in the salon. I maybe see my hairstylist six times a year. So that amounts to about $480/year. That’s cheap compared to some women who go every month. First of all, I’m not trying to be in the salon for five hours every two weeks to a month. Secondly, I don’t have that kind of money to be spending on my hair especially since my paycheck seems to be dwindling to nothing.

Yes I understand the many challenges I’m about to go through with my hair. And I understand that I must remain disciplined with my weekly to biweekly rituals. However, there are some really fantastic natural hair blogs out there that have given me lots of insight.

One such blog I have been reading is Black Girl with Long Hair. I have been reading this blog for some years now. Even after I “went back to the dark side” in 2009, the fabulous writers of the blog still gave me helpful tips and guidance to keeping my hair healthy. There are tutorials, style profiles, product reviews, etc. What’s great about this blog is that the writers also often do interviews with real natural haired ladies. They talk about why they went natural in the first, their journeys with their hair as well as give advice from their perspective about going natural.

Another blog I love reading is Afrobella. I really like reading her blog. She too blogs about natural hair but she blogs about so many other things as well. From fashion to health/beauty to celebrity profiles to culture, she pretty much covers a wide spectrum of topics. Again like Black Girl with Long Hair, I have been reading her blog for years.

While I love the above blogs, it was this post on NapturallyCurly.com that led me to the decision to go natural again. I knew I didn’t want to “big chop” all my hair again. I also knew that my thirty plus years in the business hairstylist would help me transition the right way. And she’d get after me if I wasn’t doing something right with my hair. Plus she’d give me tips on what to do for MY hair. This woman does things for my hair that no one has done since I was going to the JcPenny hair salon in Waco, TX when I was a student at Baylor.

So with all of that said, along with my regular postings, I’m going to start blogging about my journey with my hair. I’m old enough now to realize the importance of maintaining my hair. I think the biggest problem I had in 2006 was that I was just being lazy and didn’t really understand the journey of going natural. I wasn’t getting the same results that other ladies were getting. I understand more now than I did that not everyone will have the same experiences with their hair. I have also realized that with anything especially with this blogit takes a lot of discipline on my part to get the results I want.

Here is the beginning of my transition from relaxed hair to natural hair.

Before @ 11:30
I was looking crazy. Like C-R-A-Z-Y! Roots were all kinds of fugly and had new growth fo days. Jesus my hair was atrocious.


Midway point (@ 13:30) of my hair appointment.
Miss May has shampooed and conditioned my hair. Then she put a deep conditioner on my hair and put me under the dryer for fifteen minutes. Then she combed my hair out which hurt like hell. I still don’t like that part of the process and blow-dried my hair out.


After @ 16:00