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Natural Hair and the Workplace

Tell me something my naptural readers… how does your boss or co workers react to your natural kinky/curly/coily hair?

This isn’t coming from a place of my boss hates my natural hair or chastises me for having Luquisha out e’ryday. My boss is totally loves everything about my natural hair and encourages me to remain natural. #mostawesomebossEVER

But seriously, I know I’m not in the majority in this topic of discussion.

Tons of bosses don’t understand why women AND men would rather wear their kinky/curly/coily hair out than straighten, cut or wear it in a more “presentable” fashion. Many of them don’t understand the “process” in which it takes to be “presentable” by their standards. Many of them don’t even care to understand and just want to impose a false standard of how people should appear in the workforce.

Again, I have not experienced any backlash from anyone at my job about my hair. My co workers, both male and female, tend to compliment my hair. However, there are also a few other natural folks in my building so maybe that’s why I haven’t had the experience as some other people I’ve read about or seen on YouTube.

But still I am curious and really want to start a positive conversation about this because I think it affects more than just black people. I feel that just because a person [of any color] should not be defined by the hair that grows out of his or her head. But I know there are people in Corporate America that would define my abilities solely because upper management may presume that I’m not as educated as I am because Luquisha has a damn mind of her own.

I dunno. I’m just curious. I think as more people return to their natural hair texture, the more employers will hopefully start to look past appearance and view the person, his or her resume and the work experience as what really matters.

Anyway.. I’m just putting this out there. Please comment below and let me know your views or experiences.


Thanks for reading and stay fro-tastic…


the southern yankee