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Luquisha Renáe: 18 Months Post Big Chop

So last week officially marked eighteen months since Luquisha Renáe and I embarked on our second tour of being natural. Well technically I started transitioning to natural in January of last year. Hmmm well now that I really think about it, I suppose I started transitioning before January 2013 because it had been at least since October 2012 since my last relaxer. So we’ll just say it’s been a journey for Luquisha and I. A very long journey.

At this point of my journey, my bathroom counter looks like a beauty supply store. I have so many different brands and types of product. Do I use all of it? Not really. Sometimes it just depends on what I am trying to do with Luquisha. Most times I wear her out and proud with a decorative clip, a headband, a satin scarf, side pinup or in a frohawk.

I use a SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Milk, distilled water and coconut oil mixture for everyday re-hydrating. Since Luquisha is so dern thick she dries out pretty fast. So when I wake up in the morning, I spray the mixture on my hair and work it through. Sometimes I concentrate on the kitchen as this area tends to be the most dry.

I have a jar of Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream for not only moisturizing Luquisha but I usually layer it with Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish when I’m doing a twist out; which is becoming more infrequent. I can’t even express to you how much I love this stuff. Partially because it smells like a piña colada but also because it makes Luquisha feel so soft when I undo my twists.

Speaking of the Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish, this leave in conditioner is a ma zing! I really love the slip it provides when I finger detangle my hair. Which let me just pause for a second to say I can finally finger detangle through all of my hair. It’s something I really haven’t been able to do at any point of my natural journey. For added slip, I add maybe a quarter to fifty cent piece size of Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy to my hair while my hair is dripping wet so I can distribute the oil evenly. If needed, I’ll add more.

Wash Day
Wash day is becoming more and more of a ginormous production. By hair typing standards I would say Luquisha is a combination of 4b/4c hair. In some parts, she can be really springy in the front and in the kitchen area. She’s probably the thickest around the sides by my ears and in the crown area. With all of this said, it takes at least four maybe six hours do completely wash, condition and protective style Luquisha on wash day.

Are you tired yet because I am!

At the moment, I am using SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo to cleanse and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration for conditioning. I bought the Coconut & Hibiscus conditioner but um it’s extremely too light to use while in the shower. So I’ve been using it as a pre-poo detangler along with the Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy for slip.

The Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo was great at first but I can already tell Luquisha is growing tired of it. She can be rather temperamental when it comes to shampoo. This will make four maybe five shampoos I’ve used on Luquisha since 2006. I used to wash her with L’Oréal EverCurl before switching to SheaMoisture. Miss May (my beautician) suggested I use more products geared towards natural hair so I said goodbye to L’Oréal.

Hello Hydration has been a staple in my wash day regimen for many many many moons. I have to say this is the best middle of the row conditioner I’ve ever used on Luquisha. It’s thick and heavy (at least to me), coats my hair nicely and smells great. What I also like about Hello Hydration is that it provides a lot of slip. Luquisha is a pain to detangle especially if I haven’t bothered to detangle in a long while. So I’ll definitely keep this in my wash day repertoire.

Time to Try New Products
So there are a couple of products I would like to try on Luquisha. I bought a gel by Curls about two weeks ago. I’ll probably try it this weekend.

My little sister uses As I Am on my beautiful little naturalista nieces. I saw that this brand has a conditioning co wash cleanser which is something that is not a part of my regular routine.

I have a number of trial size products by Miss Jessie’s that I need to try before making the decision to purchase the full size bottle.

I have the Mimosa Pomade by Carol’s Daughter in my bathroom at the moment but I’ve never tried anything else. I eye the Black Vanilla product line every time I’m in Target.

Stay tuned for my length check which will more than likely be in December when I get my hair flat ironed for the first time in a year or two.

Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee

I. Am. Not. Crazy. Or Am I?

Design and pagination is a passion of mine. By passion, I actually mean an obsession. Lemme explain…

When most people look at the newspaper, they don’t look how the articles are laid out. They don’t notice the huge amounts of white space in the lower left corner that could have easily been filled by changing the size and/or direction of an article or by inserting a business card size advertisement. Most people don’t look at the headlines and count the number of character or let the fact that the color pictures look out of focus. And don’t get me started on magazines.

My non-creative friends get mad at me because I’m a bit of a writing/design nazi. I can’t help myself. My journalism professors at Baylor and my art/yearbook advisor from high school drilled the concepts of smooth flow and perfection into my design/pagination/writing mind. I synonymously equate all bad design and pagination to horrible writing, bad marketing and ineffective advertising. Hence, the reason why I have changed my blog theme more than a hoe changing his or her drawers between fucks. LOL I know that’s a horrible analogy

When I joined the BlogHer NaBloPoMo blog roll yesterday, I immediately started rethinking grand scheme of my blog. Was it visually appealing? Can visitors navigate easily between my posts? Do the titles of the widgets make since? Is the size of the blog title and tag line not too big or too small? How does my blog appear to those reading on their iDevices? All these questions had me CrAzY the entire afternoon, on my way to pick up boo and throughout he night!

I. Must. Be. Owt. My. Damn. Mind! Right?

Of course I am. There is no other excuse for the tendency to have extreme obsessive compulsive behavior when thinking about design/pagination. lol as if i’m some sort of psychologist. just call me Dr. S. Yankee

But am I wrong for wanting to produce a presentable and polished body of work? I mean, okay so I DO make writing mistakes all the time. And my sister has to send me IMs saying um did you mean this? and what about that? and consider rewording to say this this and that! you know i love you guh! But that’s different because I’ve never been able to edit my own work. I’m getting better about self editing but I know when I write my book my sister will HAVE to be my editor. i will NOT take no for an answer sis!

Okay now I’m rambling and not making any sense!

My point is in this quest to boost readership, promote my blog and become a better writer, I ask that you guys be patient with me. I’m extremely anal retentive about the design of my blog because I want something that’ll reflect the words I write and my personality. The last theme did that but it wasn’t as easy to navigate around as I would have liked it to be. But I’m learning and at some point I will be to present a suitable to me blog theme.

in the meantime, thank you soooooo very much for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Writer-Vation: #NaBloPoMo

So today, I joined the BlogHer #NaBloPoMo blogroll. The only premise of this is to blog everyday. Oh you guys thought it was going to be something arduous and stressful? Nope not in the least bit. The only hard aspect about this daily blogging challenge is ya girl getting up the ganas to post everyday. But I’m determined to accomplish this feat because it’ll bring more readers to my little corner of the blogosphere.

But uhhhh did I mention that I’m late to start? No!? Yeah… well… If you know me my favorite saying is better late than never at all. No I don’t always operate on CPT. I really try to be punctual at all times but see what had happened was…. Not believing me are you guys? I didn’t think so. It was worth a try tho! o_O

Hey looooooooooook changing the subject my blog has already been added to the blogroll. I am #1360.


And be proud of me. With the two posts I published this morning, Chapter VII of The Chronicles of Xavier LD Monroe and Rock Da Vote!!  plus this Writer-Vation which i promise i’ll get to the point of in a few short moments I will have published THREE posts today! THREE!! MEEEEEE!! It’s the little things that excite me about my blog and writing accomplishments.


So today’s Writer-Vation is about taking a chance on yourself and your writing.

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line
Honey I’m still free
Take a chance on me
If you need me, let me know, gonna be around
If you’ve got no place to go, if you’re feeling down
If you’re all alone when the pretty birds have flown
Honey I’m still free
Take a chance on me
Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie
If you put me to the test, if you let me try

Writing is more than a skill I have possessed since I could fully comprehend the many MANY facets and concepts of writing. Writing is more than just something I’m good at or a nazi with when my friends and family ask me to critique their writing samples for school and/or employment.

It’s how I express myself.

It’s how I convey my inner most darkest emotions and thoughts without having to talk to a real live person.

I use this very beautiful mode of communication to keep me sane.

To prevent me from doing something stupid.

To ensure I actually think before I speak or in this case type.

But unfortunately, I’ve never had a lot of confidence in my writing. I troll my WordPress Dashboard to see if anyone has stumbled upon my blog. I aimlessly click refresh five or six or maybe a hundred times to see if anyone has left a comment on one of my posts. It’s like I need some sort of validation in order for me to actually believe I’m actually a good writer.

Friends and family tell me that I’m a good writer but they are bias because they love me. Don’t get me wrong I know they would tell me um yo.. you need to try something else. like yesterday! And I love them for their brutal tough love honesty. But there is something about a complete stranger or a fellow writer telling me hey, you know what you wrote really got me to thinking… 

I suppose that is why I joined the BlogHer #NaBloPoMo challenge. To put myself out there. To expose a whole new world literally to all thangs that is my SouthernYankee style.

Plus, I’ll be treinta y seis años next month. Ejole! I’m not getting any younger and it’s about time I started doing what I should have when I was twenty-something. Not sure exactly what all that entails but I hope you guys will come along for the ride. It should be interesting.

As always… Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee