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Photo 101 Day 7: Go BIG or Go Home

Mr. Big
Mr. Big Stuff… Who do you think you are? Mr. Big Stuff… You’re never gonna get my love..

I absolutely love this shot. Like I really LOVE this shot. It was so effortless and simple to take. The position of my truck and how I was holding my Sony a5000 was just amazing!

What’s funny is that I took this picture yesterday as maybe an entrant for the “Connect” theme but decided against it. Thank GAWD!!

For those wondering about the annoying dark spot in the upper right corner, that’s the edge of my door frame. See what had happened was… you knew that was coming right It was raining. Like RAINING!!! It’s raining it’s pouring the old man was…. oops sorry took it back to elementary days… The weather sucked ass mayne. And I was sitting in my truck trying to capture the bridge from yesterday’s post. Well right before I left the area, I decided to go ahead and snap this tree and building for shits and mutha fuckin giggles. It was a nice angle too. So it got snapped.

End of story.

This concludes our program for this evening.

Good NIGHT and Good DAY sir!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee