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Sunday Funday Washday… NOT

So I surprised myself today. I completed wash day in record time. Usually by this point of wash day, I’d still be in my bathroom detangling, moisturizing and twisting my hair. Mind you that’s if I start the process of wash day at a decent hour i.e. noon. If I start any later then I might as well not even begin wash day because I wouldn’t get done until well after 23:30. that’s 11:30PM for you non military or broadcast media types.

But today was different somehow. I did indeed start my wash day routine around 12:30 this afternoon. The Houston Texans offense was playing like they ain’t never played a lick of football before and rather than sitting in the kitchen yelling at the TV I decided to do my hair.

So first, I clarified my hair with apple cider vinegar, distiller water and coconut oil. This helps to get rid of a month’s worth of product build up as well as start the process of moisturizing my hair. Some naturals let the ACV H2O mixture sit on their hair for a few minutes. I can’t get past the smell even though today I noticed the smell wasn’t too incredibly bad.

Next, I deep conditioned my hair with a packet of Creme of Nature Argon Oil Intense Conditioning Treatment. I absolutely love this product. Not only does it make my hair soft and shiny but I love how easy it is to detangle Luquisha with this product. Since I didn’t have a lot left over from the last time I deep conditioned my hair plz don’t ask me when that was I had to get creative because I have an over abundance of thick hair. So to make this product stretch, I added a few drops of Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oils to each palm full of the deep conditioner. Once I finish working the product through my hair and pinned the sections, I put on two plastic shower caps and a bonnet and let the deep conditioner stay on my hair until the middle of the second quarter of the Broncos/Dolphins game.

Next, I thoroughly rinsed out the deep conditioner and began the process of washing my hair. I bought a bottle of SheaMoisture Baby shampoo thinking it might be good for Luquisha since she is at a stage where she is getting tired of the shampoo I’m currently using. Yeah no! It made my hair feel so rough and rubbery. That was a waste of time for Luquisha and I. But it will not go to waste because I’m going to get it to boo’s sister to use on my nephew’s hair. Talk about a head full of soft curls. Thankfully, my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner reversed the rough rubbery feel caused by the baby shampoo. I had to drown Luquisha in conditioner but at least she didn’t feel like wet rubber anymore.

Okay home stretch! Are you tired yet?! cuz I am!!


So at this point, I’m outta the shower and drying off but I didn’t towel or t-shirt dry my hair. Since my hair is so thick, it tends to dry out faster when I towel or t-shirt dry my hair. Plus I want to be able to work the Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish through Luquisha easily and quickly because I want my hair to still be fully damp when I layer the SheaMoisture or Carol’s Daughter hair milk for added moisture.

As I said, on a normal wash day occasion I would still be twisting and pinning my twists at this very moment instead of blogging about it. So today, I decided to twist my hair into chunky Bantu knots. Not only did this allow me to get done HOURS faster a whole four hours to be exact but the Bantu knots should stretch my hair out pretty well. Unless it’s still damp when I wake up in the more which then shrinkage that sounds so dirty will take over and there will be nothing I can do but rock a cute fro with a bow.

So there’s my wash day. How did your wash day go my naptural bruhs and sistas?!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Luquisha Renáe: 18 Months Post Big Chop

So last week officially marked eighteen months since Luquisha Renáe and I embarked on our second tour of being natural. Well technically I started transitioning to natural in January of last year. Hmmm well now that I really think about it, I suppose I started transitioning before January 2013 because it had been at least since October 2012 since my last relaxer. So we’ll just say it’s been a journey for Luquisha and I. A very long journey.

At this point of my journey, my bathroom counter looks like a beauty supply store. I have so many different brands and types of product. Do I use all of it? Not really. Sometimes it just depends on what I am trying to do with Luquisha. Most times I wear her out and proud with a decorative clip, a headband, a satin scarf, side pinup or in a frohawk.

I use a SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Milk, distilled water and coconut oil mixture for everyday re-hydrating. Since Luquisha is so dern thick she dries out pretty fast. So when I wake up in the morning, I spray the mixture on my hair and work it through. Sometimes I concentrate on the kitchen as this area tends to be the most dry.

I have a jar of Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream for not only moisturizing Luquisha but I usually layer it with Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish when I’m doing a twist out; which is becoming more infrequent. I can’t even express to you how much I love this stuff. Partially because it smells like a piña colada but also because it makes Luquisha feel so soft when I undo my twists.

Speaking of the Miss Jessie’s Leave in Condish, this leave in conditioner is a ma zing! I really love the slip it provides when I finger detangle my hair. Which let me just pause for a second to say I can finally finger detangle through all of my hair. It’s something I really haven’t been able to do at any point of my natural journey. For added slip, I add maybe a quarter to fifty cent piece size of Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy to my hair while my hair is dripping wet so I can distribute the oil evenly. If needed, I’ll add more.

Wash Day
Wash day is becoming more and more of a ginormous production. By hair typing standards I would say Luquisha is a combination of 4b/4c hair. In some parts, she can be really springy in the front and in the kitchen area. She’s probably the thickest around the sides by my ears and in the crown area. With all of this said, it takes at least four maybe six hours do completely wash, condition and protective style Luquisha on wash day.

Are you tired yet because I am!

At the moment, I am using SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo to cleanse and Herbal Essence Hello Hydration for conditioning. I bought the Coconut & Hibiscus conditioner but um it’s extremely too light to use while in the shower. So I’ve been using it as a pre-poo detangler along with the Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Frizz Defy for slip.

The Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo was great at first but I can already tell Luquisha is growing tired of it. She can be rather temperamental when it comes to shampoo. This will make four maybe five shampoos I’ve used on Luquisha since 2006. I used to wash her with L’Oréal EverCurl before switching to SheaMoisture. Miss May (my beautician) suggested I use more products geared towards natural hair so I said goodbye to L’Oréal.

Hello Hydration has been a staple in my wash day regimen for many many many moons. I have to say this is the best middle of the row conditioner I’ve ever used on Luquisha. It’s thick and heavy (at least to me), coats my hair nicely and smells great. What I also like about Hello Hydration is that it provides a lot of slip. Luquisha is a pain to detangle especially if I haven’t bothered to detangle in a long while. So I’ll definitely keep this in my wash day repertoire.

Time to Try New Products
So there are a couple of products I would like to try on Luquisha. I bought a gel by Curls about two weeks ago. I’ll probably try it this weekend.

My little sister uses As I Am on my beautiful little naturalista nieces. I saw that this brand has a conditioning co wash cleanser which is something that is not a part of my regular routine.

I have a number of trial size products by Miss Jessie’s that I need to try before making the decision to purchase the full size bottle.

I have the Mimosa Pomade by Carol’s Daughter in my bathroom at the moment but I’ve never tried anything else. I eye the Black Vanilla product line every time I’m in Target.

Stay tuned for my length check which will more than likely be in December when I get my hair flat ironed for the first time in a year or two.

Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee

Let’s Talk Hur

As you may know, Luquisha Renae has been natural again for a little over 13 months. In the last 13 months, Luquisha and I have learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t work and the why what I was doing before didn’t work.

I can tell you that the main reason Luquisha and I fought during the first stint of being natural because I was one of those naturals who was guilty of 3a/3b/3c hair envy/jealousy/coveting. Call it whatever and I was doing it. I couldn’t understand why my hair didn’t look like my friend’s hair. Her hair was (and still is) very “curly”, thick and long. (Notice I put the word “curly” in quotations. This word is one of the main reasons why I’m writing this post. But I’ll explain that in a bit.) Even when she would flat iron her hair it was thick and half way down her back.




To the


I constantly compared my hair to hers without first thinking “her hair texture and curl patterns are completely different from mine” or “whereas her hair was springy and bouncy, mine was just kinky and shrunken.” shrinkage is a mutha fucka

I was very discouraged and really felt clueless as to what to do to make Luquisha long and luxurious for her texture and curl pattern. So in an act of desperation and sheer tiredness, I went back to the dark side.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas I went back to the creamy crack. It was painful to run back to what I was use to but thinking about it now I needed that period of personal growth. Lemme explain I’ll try to keep this short and sweet!

When I returned to the dark side, I was at a point in my life when I didn’t love anything about myself. Murphy’s Law was in full effect in 2009 and I wanted nothing more than to find some sort of simplicity in and for my life. My hair was the easiest thing to change. But, in the process of finding Luquisha’s place and importance in my life, I found a wonderful hairstylist who worked WONDERS on my hair. Talk about a hur miracle worker. Miss May (my beautician) is the best that’s ever happened to Luquisha and me for that matter. In four years’ time, my relaxed hair grew faster than it ever did in previous years. And it was thick yo! SO thick and purdy! But it was also ex pen sive! Of course I wasn’t spending as much as most relaxed women but it was enough for me to kick around the idea of going natural again. Plus the cost of living was rapidly increasing for me. So again I was preparing myself and Luquisha for another change.

Was I ready for this change? Was Luquisha gonna “act right”? I didn’t have answers nor do I still to those questions. The truth of the matter is that I couldn’t answer those questions until I embarked on the journey. So I did.

The difference between now and then is the fact that I have Miss May and there is more information about natural hair on the internet. More people (women as well as men) are going natural. More people are falling in love with their natural hair and the symbolism that goes along with it. Another difference is that my APO little, Jules, recently went natural and is going through this journey with Luquisha and I. As I learn new aspects about my hair, I pass them along to her. Yes I know that no two naturals are alike nor should they be considered alike. However, there is nothing wrong with finding common ground between your hair texture/curl patterns with someone else’s.

I find that in this natural hair community there are a lot of comparisons between naturals instead of let’s help each other get to the point we each want to reach. It doesn’t help me to envy a 3a/3b/3c natural if my hair will never be as loose or curly there’s that word again as hers or his for that matter. And that’s another thing… being natural isn’t just for ethnic women. There are plenty natural haired individuals which includes my natural haired bros in all colors of the rainbow and we should embrace that wholeheartedly because we all could stand to learn something new about natural hair and the varying textures that reside within this ever flourishing community.

I know I’m going on and on about you dunno what because you dunno why.

Here’s why…

I watched a couple of YouTube videos yesterday that sorta struck a nerve and a thought. Two videos touched on 4c kinky coily hair — one was a rant of sorts about the lack of attention to the 4c demographic and the other was a response to the rant video. Looking in from the outside, I can understand where both of these ladies are coming from. But my opinion from before still stands true. There would be no need for videos such as these if naturals would just band together as one group to help each person achieve healthy nourished hair. That is what we all want isn’t it?! go ahead and think about that. I’ll wait for your comments…

On the flip side of the above debate between naturals, I found this video by AfrikanHairGod that sent Luquisha and I running through our make believe roads of naturalville!! He is a cosmetology student and a natural haired individual. Now before I talk about this particular video, I have to say I was full of haterade yesterday when I watched one of his other videos because his hair is beautiful! He’s not only a talented stylist in his own right but he’s very informative in terms of styling techniques and how to moisturize natural hair. And that may be because he is attending cosmetology school. I don’t really know. What I do know is that I appreciate the hair typing video he posted on Thursday, June 26th. I appreciate him going into great detail about the covered topics. I appreciate the time it took to make this video because honestly I have not seen any other videos like it. And I suppose that’s the real reason I’m writing this post.

I’m by far not at all an expert on natural hair nor am I trying to be. But I would like the “experts” as well as others (you know who you is) I watch on YouTube as well as read about on the natural hair blogs to focus more on the information and technique than one’s hair type. The information needs to vary more than be focused mostly on one or two hair types. Of course, I’ll be perfectly honest I may not be looking in all the right places for information I’m seeking. I’m grown enough to admit that about myself.

However, for those who are freshly transitioning, like my little sister, the information out there is horribly overwhelming especially if your hair is kinky coily like hers and mine. And while this isn’t my first attempt at being natural, I still seek to gain a better understanding about my hair texture. There is more information available now than there was in 2006 but there’s still a huge lack of information. There’s still an underlying tone that natural hair should be curly and not kinky or dare I say it… Nappy!

There should be embrace and not segregation. There needs to be a band of naturals as a whole and not by type designations. Don’t you think?!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee