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Love is in the Air

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So let’s just get the pleasantries out the way now…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers, singles, friends, family and frien’s with benefits in the world. Take a moment to wish your special whatever a Happy Valentine’s Day.





Ya done?! Okay great I can continue.

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s just an excuse for every retailer that sells Valentine’s Day themed everything to charge the idiot who didn’t plan ahead 10x more than normal. I mean seriously! Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that should be celebrated year round. Not that I’m hurting for gifts or anything like that cuz that’s just not who I am but still hear me out.

Those of you who have a boo thang or a frien or shit a side hustle don’t act like y’all dunno what I’m talkin bout did you go all out for today and plan ahead or are you just winging it because today is Valentine’s Day and whomever is expecting something?

Speaking of expecting gifts, why do people expect to get something on this day? How did Valentine’s Day much like Christmas become about the gifts and not the sentiment?

Don’t get me wrong I am very much a hopeless sentimental romantic. I love planning the big as well as the spontaneous small romantical oh baby you shouldn’t have gestures. I’m very much an advocate for the I just wanted to give you something to brighten your day! But that isn’t limited to just Valentine’s Day. I think if you care deeply or even L O V E I use that loosely cuz you know love is a word and not an emotion for some folks a person you should show and/or tell them every fucking day of the year. Why wait until Valentine’s Day to profess your undying like or love for your someone special?

Life is so very short. The next second, hour, day, month or year is not promised to us. If today was your last day on this great planet of ours, how would you spend it? Who would you spend it with? How would you express your feelings toward the people you care about?

All I’m saying is to love hard or don’t love at all. Don’t wait for an overly commercialized day to express whatever sentiment you’re feeling. And if you’re single on this day, don’t be down on yourself because you don’t have someone. Either call that person who is always good for a good romp in the sack or treat yo’self to something BIG or small depending on how happy your bank account is feeling. Besides singles can rejoice in the fact that you ain’t spending some ridiculously obscene amount of money on flowers, candy and/or dinner.

Thanks for reading…

the southern yankee