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Flying High





I dunno about you guys but I absolutely love this city. You hear me out there — LOVE!!!

I’ve had Chicago ambitions since I was a student at SicEmU. I wanted to work for the Chicago Sun-Times. I wanted to cover the mobsters of the Chi. Be immersed in the culture and food scene cuz let’s face it, anyone could eat this

deep dish
Taken at Pizzeria Uno

everyday right?! I mean who wouldn’t want to have this delectable morsel of yummy spicy cheesy goodness?!

I can’t even say enough about this trip. It was definitely an opportunity I’m eternally grateful for because honestly my boss doesn’t have to pull the strings she does for me. She doesn’t have to help me advance in my career. She doesn’t really have to do anything but just let me work. But she does that and more 150% of the time.

So imagine my mind being blown late July when she told me we were going to good ol’ Chitown baby! Totally just… Shut me the fuck up and well we all know how hard that is sometimes. The weeks leading up to the trip I wasn’t excited or gung-ho about the trip. Something just wasn’t letting me enjoy the fact I was going to one of my top bucket list destinations. But like always I got through. My anxiety subsided finally.

But then I saw this:

lake michigan
Flying over Lake Michigan


btn entrance
Big Ten Network entrance

And this:

btn studios
Big Ten Network Studios

Yoooooooooo lemme tell you something in my NYC Latina accent I had #reportambitions as soon as I stepped foot in the studio. My heart went pitter pat so fast I almost had the vapors. Spoken like a true southerner huh?

But the piece of résistance was this shot here from the Director of Engineering office:

the view

Ain’t it just beautiful?!?!

I wanna go back. I wanna go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. I wanna actually try a genuine Chicago hot dog. I would love to visit Northwestern University and its journalism school. I’d like to tour the Chicago Sun-Times if that’s even possible. So many side adventures that wasn’t exactly feasible this trip due to time constraints. But I’ll be back Chicago baby! Don’t you worry your pretty little heart.

Thanks for reading…

the southern yankee 

*all photos were taken on an iPhone 5s

Day 28: What’s the Best Thing Going For You

I think for the first time in my thirty-four whoa I actually listed my age. I don’t usually do that. EVER! of life I actually feel good about myself. I mean of course I have my fair share of issues and doubts about life, myself, the people I have chosen to remain in my life and my career but who doesn’t have those doubts. I am like every other person in this world between the ages of 18-35. We all want more than our parents and grandparents had at our age.

Twelve years ago, I planned to be this successful journalist/writer who worked for the New York Times or Los Angeles Times. I dreamed of winning a Pulitzer. I wanted so much more than I had or have but I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason. Everything that has happened up to this point in my life, whether it be good, bad and fugly, has happened for a reason. Perhaps I was meant to have a supervisor that tries my patience so I could learn some much needed patience. Perhaps I was also meant to be of great importance to a few and not to the world like the Obamas or Martin Luther King, Jr.

My dreams have never gone away nor do I think The Lord will let me give up on my dreams. Perhaps my dreams aren’t what I thought them to be so many years ago when I was graduating high school and entering college the first time around. I can honestly say some of the dreams and aspirations I have now are not at all what I envisioned for myself. Some of them I fought to accept because I didn’t want to follow in anyone’s footsteps. I wanted and still do somewhat to make my own paths. To put my twenty-two cents in where I went instead of the quarter and half dollar being given to me. This world is full of possibility and until now I thought I had to grab all the possibilities and opportunities I could before I reached a certain age. The truth of the matter is that I don’t have to accomplish everything by thirty-five years of age. which is ten months away from this coming Sunday.

I don’t have to rush through life nor do I have to prove anything to anyone anymore. The best thing I have going for me right now is the fact that I know I don’t have to be perfect or someone’s puppet just to be happy. I can be happy no matter where I am or whom I’m with or what I’m doing. It took a lifetime to realize that and I hope that it doesn’t take another lifetime to maintain it peacefully.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee