Chapter VI

I ain’t da four year old… Wolverine is the child! Ima grown ass….

Two year old!

Shut it Harper!

We all laugh.

You are about as bad as CheddaHed is with cupcakes.

Harper and I peek over the cubicles towards the Xerox machine. There was CheddaHed pretending not to hear us.

Man! Like you don’t be checking the same thang I do.

You right!

We all laugh again.

We go back to our perspective cubicles and/or desks and commence the ceremonial dragging of our feet to actually doing work. I log onto my computer, open my Outlook and behind scoffing at the million and three emails I seem to always have in my inbox.

Click… Delete…




Tap tap tap

Harper, did you answer the email from so and so?

Uh huh did you not get it?

Oh ma bad there it is! Right under the forty thousand other ones. Thanks.

I put my headphones in and settle in for some desk tweaking.

Ding goes my Google hangouts app in Chrome.

It’s Phoenix.

Morning Xa! How are you?

Morning Phoenix! Ooooooh the morning I’ve had so far. How you durn?

Oh? Adventurous? LOUD? Or traffic related?

Oh you know LOUD and adventurous of course.

Whachu do?

LOL why do I always have to do something?

Because you’re related to me and I know you too well.

This is true. But for once I was trying to behave myself. Dat guh was fahn but I couldn’t go down that road today.

*raised eyebrow* you? Behave? Was she curly?

Yes, yes and of course.

And you behaved?

I did Phoenix I promise. I totally didn’t want to cause or get into any trouble today.

LOL today!

Ugh everyone keeps saying that. Am I truly this ratchet and rotten?

Do you really want me to answer that Xa?

Lmfao NOPE! Not in the least bit Phoenix. Okay so enough about your troublesome sibling. How’s you?


Uh huh what YOU do Phoenix?

So I went to pick up dinner the other night after work. And I was in line waiting and started singing the song playing in the restaurant. Well this fahn piece of chocolate complimented me on my singing. Asked if I was a vocal coach or sung professionally.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas! I smell one of your novellas coming on.

You’re funny.

Dude, you know you meet all kinds of people all the time and have even better stories about some of them.

This is true.

Okay so what happened with chocolate thunder?

LOL!! Well let me say that chocolate thunder seemed like a youngen.

Ain’t nothing wrong wit that. If you got it flaunt it!

Well I sorta showed my age and said the song that was playing was out when I was a teenager. But without missing too many beats, we just kept talking about old skool music.

That’s awesome. So was CT tall dark and sexy? And are you going to see CT again?

Yeeees and I hope so! CT works at the gelato place a few doors down from the restaurant. And you know how I feel about gelato.

Mmmmm gelato…. Mmmhmm I know cuz I have the same lust for it! hehehehe I think you should go get some after work one day.

Come now you already know I am and will go get some.

*snickering* I’m so incredibly rotten. Mind. In. Gutta!

Your mind is always in the gutta. That ain’t nothing new.

Ma bad I know. evil grin

Phoenix is prolly laughing at me right now.

I can’t wait to hear more of this novella. One of these days I’m need you to write a book about your ahe heh heh “adventures”.


Seriously Phoenix. They’re so sporadic and crazy. Definitely worth a shot!


So CT was cute huh?

Oooh yaaaah!

Phoenix! Come back to me! LOL Phoenix!

Huh what? What happened? LOL

By this time, I was laughing so hard my tummy hurt because Phoenix and I are the same person at times. So I already know the level of trouble this could potentially turn into. For Phoenix’s sake I hope it’s E P I C.6

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