Fit Fab Fahn


We all have a story.

Some start at birth.

Some start at the beginning of “adulthood”. who even knows when THAT begins

While others are beginning… TODAY!

Today, I’m rewriting my story. I am meant to be more than what I currently am. I wasn’t meant to “look young” yet feel oooooooollllldddddd. I am meant to be a hurricane force of fierceness and strength. And guess what? YOU ARE TOO!

I challenge my readers to embark with me on a what I am certain will be an arduous journey to become Fit, Fabulous and Fahn.

Each Friday or every other Friday, I would like to feature a guest blogger’s submission about their recent, current or future quest to become Fit, Fabulous and Fahn. Just use the form below. Feel free to include your fitness goals, what inspires you to become a healthier person, a recipe and/or words of encouragement.

Thank you Thank you Thank you in advance.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee


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