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Pause for a Commercial Break

We pause this regularly scheduled daily blog posting for a commercial break of sorts. It’s Saturday and there’s college football on the tele. And yours truly has been glued to the recliner watching football all day.

I’m watching my last game of the day and I’d be lying if I said it’s been a great football Saturday but everyone is playing like utter shit. I tell you this College Playoff Selection bullshit got me trippin! If Baylor loses, then TCU wins the Big 12 outright. But if we win against Kansas State, then we share the Big 12 Championship and that’s where the story gets sticky. TCU fans, students and alumni say the Horned Frogs deserve to be the lone Big 12 championship and in the playoffs buuuuuuuut the Bears had Frog legs for dinner!!! like dat thur Not that it was an easy dinner to cook but we made it and ate dat shit 61-58.

But unfortunately Baylor’s resume is coming into question. Now Baylor’s only loss was to West Virginia. which I still don’t know how we lost that game but whatever. I should also mention that our wins include wins over only two ranked teams which hurts us every damn season. We don’t play anybody worth a damn. The teams that used to dominate the Big 12 don’t anymore.

Texas is rebuilding its program.

OU and OkState are slightly mediocre.

Texas A&M ran away to the SEC.

Nebraska left for the Big Ten.

K-State, who is currently fighting at the moment to take us down, isn’t quite the beast program it used to be.

Now… Now programs like Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU and West Virginia making a run for dominance. And while I hope and pray to the football hands Baylor fine tunes their skills, I have to wonder if next season will play out like this one.

Here we are with a little under ten minutes left in the game it could really be anybody’s game. I hate to say that being a Baylor alumnae but dude there is really too much time left in the game. And Baylor ain’t playing like we deserve to be in the playoffs.




Yep time to end this!

Thanks for reading….

The Southern Yankee

Game Day

Today, boo, my homegurl and I went to the Baylor vs Texas Tech game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Lemme tell you not only does that damn stadium look massive on the outside but it looks even more massive on the inside. The House that Jerry Jones Built is a gargantuan building. See look for yourself!!



Being that I’m a Texans fan, I have to say that shit is impressive!! Like I can even front or hate. Jerry’s World is an a ma zing building. And that display screen!!!!! My gawd that has to be the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. hahahaha that’s what she said. Sorry mind in gutta. Like this screen is… It’s… Lawd have mercy. I know e’ry damn thang in Texas is bigger but that screen!!! Ugh loooooook at it!!!


That mess is… I’m speechless. I have no words whatsoever about that screen. Um um um my lawd!

Okay sorry moving away from the screen now because obviously I could easily go on and on about that damn screen.

Aside from gawking at AT&T Stadium, it was a great day. We literally sat in the nosebleeds and lemme tell you those seats were the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat in. I was okay for the first and second quarter but then my legs started to hurt beyond what I could usually tolerate. There just wasn’t enough room to stretch out. I think Boo is right if we do this again we will definitely have to splurge for better seats or at least seats that do not require to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Such a ratchetly long hike. R A T C H E T!!

The good news is Baylor won. The bad news is the QB for Texas Tech is a baaaaaaaaaaad man! First of all, he’s a freshman. Secondly, that kid threw for more than 500 yards today. Thirdly, he can schlang da rock like its a piece of paper. I dunno where Kliff Klingsbury found that kid but he best keep him around all four years because he’s going to be Tech’s ticket to greatness!

Now I know I’m praising Tech but I can’t even front. The Baylor defense sucks. It sucks so bad there aren’t enough negative words in the dictionary to describe the level in which Baylor defense sucks. They missed simple textbook fundamental tackles. Coverage was blown every which way. And they allowed four too many touchdowns. Not that I thought Tech would be a rollover but they gave Baylor more than a solid run for their money. Tech made Baylor look like the University of Kansas. I don’t mean to insult KU even though I can’t stand them but there’s a reason why they’re last in the Big 12 Conference. The way Baylor was playing you’d think the team was reverting back to the Coach Steele era. Baylor fans you remember that debacle!

Ugh and Bryce Petty left the game due to concussion like symptoms. Sean Russell did well but he didn’t do as well as he has in previous weeks. It was just a horrible and embarrassing game. Gawd I hope Baylor cleans up their act because next weekend we play Kansas State who’s been WAITING to tap some Baylor ass all season long.

At this point Baylor gon need everything short of a miracle in order to get to the playoffs. They have to play smart and precise football. That means less mistakes and far less penalties! Gawd those damn mutha fuckin penalties are just a thorn in our side. If we can cut down on the team penalties and force the our opponents to make more mistakes, we’d be golden. Sigh yeah we’ll see how that goes next week.

May the odds forever be in Baylor’s favor. May they forever be in our favor.

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The Southern Yankee

Any Given Weekend…

On any given weekend, especially in the fall, I can be found screaming at my TV. I tend to scare people because I scream and curse so loudly! I’m not allowed to go in public during my favorite time of the year because I’d be given the side eye or told to shut the fuck up.

What am I talking about?! SPORTS!!! I’m a die hard scream and curse talk about how bad you’re playing home and away teams fan gurl!! Don’t call, text or email me during any game because guess what?! I will lash out in the worse possible way. It’s not because I don’t love or like person on the other end. It’s because like most sports fans I don’t like TO BE DISTURBED!!!

I’m sitting here in front of my TV screaming because my Baylor Bears are on the verge of beating some Ok State ass!!! But they playing sloppy as fuck!!! Please don’t get me started

Anyway… I said that to say this…. This weekend blogging thang is rough yo!!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Move Over Fellas: Fantasy Football is No Longer a Boys’ Club

I love everything about is post!!! And just to add fuel to the fire…. My office fantasy football league is run by a WOMAN!!! She sets up draft day and party and manages everything. Yep a woman does that!!! Did I mention I work in sports media? No? Lots of women talking sports, trading info about our favorite teams and getting into arguments with the “boys” over last weeks game. Yup women LOVING sports… What a concept!

The Scoop Sports

Hey Guys! Newsflash: Fantasy Football isn’t just for you dudes anymore. In 2013, over 6 million females were among the legions playing fantasy football.

That’s right. Women were in YOUR fantasy football leagues, fellas, with team names like Victorious Secret, Brady’s Baby or Cleats and Cleavage. AND I bet some of you even got your asses handed to you by a woman or two. WHO knew? Have you recovered from it yet?

MVP Sports Channel

MVP Sports Channel

So, dudes, you may now be asking yourselves, “Is nothing sacred? Why can’t I just go to my draft party with the bros and not have to worry about some chick out-strategizing me by getting the stud RB I want? And for the love of all that is holy and sacred on a Sunday, two minutes before kickoff, why MUST my significant other be adding and dropping WRs and trolling for the ‘it’…

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Johnny Flopball

Has anyone seen this story?

How the hell is a rookie who hasn’t played a single minute in a National Football League game have the TOP selling jersey above veterans like Peyton muthafuckin Manning, Drew Brees, JJ Watt, Clay Matthews or even Tom Brady. I wouldn’t by his jersey but some po schmuck would

I have to agree with PK that doesn’t happen often when he said he hasn’t done anything in the NFL to warrant fans buying so many of his jersey. Of course, we all know why his jersey is being sold faster than water, batteries and non perishable foods before, during and after a natural disaster. Aggies fuckin cult will support that arrogant little shit no matter what! But I get it! Believe me I do. I grew up in Texas. I know and understand how important football is to my fellow Texans. I get how schools like A&M have rich and deeply rooted traditions and revelry. In fact, I almost admire it. I said almost!

I also get that the city of Cleveland hasn’t had this much excitement in… Well… Um… Ever! Let me be quite clear when I say LeBresha don’t count towards the excitement. His bitch ass left them for sunny Miami and is crawling back when he didn’t win another championship in June. That’s not admirable that’s just being greedy. can y’all tell I’m not

But back to PK’s original point. Johnny Manziel hasn’t done anything to deserve such an honor. He hasn’t thrown for 300+ yards in a single game or broken away from the likes of JJ Watt, Clay Matthews, Ndamukong Suh or Terrell Suggs. Yes he has the ability to extend plays and get the ball down the field… in a college football game. Yes he has quick feet and can out run linebackers like he runnin’ from the po-lice. But that’s in COLLEGE. Are you guys listening? He can do almost everything in a college football setting.

How many rookie NFL players have a phenomenal rookie season right off the bench? How many rookie quarterbacks play like Peyton Manning or Drew Brees? um now and not at the beginning of their career What recent or up in coming QB can even measure up to Joe Montana, Brett Favre, John Elway or Johnny Unitas? Seriously people tell me.

While Johnny Manziel has talent and possibly the potential to be better than he is currently, he’s not a NFL QB. He doesn’t seem to have the discipline or the maturity to be a quarterback in the National Football League. Yes I realize he’s part of a new breed of professional football players but honestly to paraphrase one of my favorite players “a football player only has a limited time to play in the league. Better to do the job now and have fun after.” And he’s right! On any given Sunday, as well as Monday or Thursday a player can sustain such an injury that it could take out for a season or their career! Look at Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans. He’s had not one but two season ending injuries. TWO! The poor guy was put on the physically unable to perform list and camp hasn’t even started yet.

I dunno football fans. I could be completely wrong about Manziel. yes I would admit it if I am I just don’t feel he’s too much of a casualty fir the NFL. He’s not mature. He doesn’t give a shit about learning about his craft or about trying to get better for that matter.

Take for example Case Keenum. yes I’m partial to the Houston Texans Case, a former University of Houston standout and NCAA record breaker, is a prime example of QB who studies the game to no end. Yes his quote unquote “rookie” season actually playing wasn’t the best, but he still strives to get better. Not that he seems like the type of guy who would be partying with the likes of Drake and other celebrities like Manziel does but still. He knows that if he wants to be taken seriously as a NFL quarterback that he has to work hard during the off season, training camp and pre season practice to be ready for the regular season. But that goes for any player in any sport. If you’re not bringing your A game, you’re not going to play or be as great as you and yo mama think you are or can be. y’all know I’m right!

For his sake, I hope Manziel wakes up and realizes he’s been given an opportunity most players don’t get. He left college as a sophomore so he doesn’t have a degree to fall back on. He’s dumb young. He flaked at the Manning’s quarterback camp!!!! I’m not gon even touch that! He is photographed e’rywhur but in the gym or on the football field. He’s a kid in a big boy’s world and frankly he’s not doing anything to prove he deserves to be there!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee