A Naptural State of Mind

As you may know from previous posts, this is my second stint at being natural. The first time around was a complete and utter disaster. Possibly because I just chopped off my hair without even giving it any thought or actively seeking a stylist who would guide me through this journey. Yes I probably could have embarked on journey of self discovery with my hair but folks I’m lazy. LAZY ya hear me LAZY! I already drag major ass when it comes to getting out of the bed in the morning and getting ready for the long day ahead. What makes anyone think I’m going to pay more attention to Luquisha? Unfortunately, I surrendered to the dark side in 2009. Yes I gave up but I needed to give up in order for me to realize I really wanted to be as well as make the effort to be natural. I found a beautician who took really good care of my hair and helped it grow. The more I talked to her about my hair the more I came to understand Luquisha and what she needed to be healthy.

Now let’s fast forward to January 2013. This is when I begin transitioning myself and Luquisha to the idea of being natural again. The very thought of being natural scared me beyond belief. It was imperative I take very good and extensive care of Luquisha this time around because my professional life was developing quickly and in ways I never really imagined. It’s bad enough that people outside the naptural realm don’t always understand importance and necessity of being natural. Of course, there are a million and one reasons why men and women transition to a naptural state of mind.

With that said, I going to use this page for naptural posts about Luquisha Renáe as well as for DIYs (my own and other bloggers and vloggers), reblogs, guest blog posts and Pinterest pins. I might even post some product reviews.

It is my hope that all my napturalistas will benefit from the posts on this page as well as offer tips and tricks for Luquisha and I.

Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee

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