I Gots Questions… Random Ramblings About Star Wars

*disclaimer: if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, please do NOT read this post until you have. then come back… please*


Sooooo I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens about two weeks ago. Lemme say this: HOLY SHIT!!!  There are very few movies that I get as well as stay excited about.

Can we talk about the strong FEMALE lead in this movie? Can we also talk about the diversity of the cast and the fact that many of the original cast members are in this movie? So many many aspects this movie have me completely over the moon! So many aspects have me like:


I cannot even express how much I loved this movie. I mean I realllllllly LOVED it. Buuuuuut I gots questions.

Like is Rey the daughter of Luke Skywalker or does she just innately possess the force like Anakin did before he went to the dark side? I understand that being on Jakku for so long she sorta figured how to tinker and fix everything she pretty much touched. Buuuuuuut when Luke’s lightsaber sorta called for her, I was like okay what’s the damn deal?

And is it just me or does Rey and Anakin Skywalker have a similar story?

How the hell did Finn overcome his “programming” as a stormtrooper? LMAO and what was that bromance type attraction going on between him and Poe Dameron?

Um and can we talk about the killing of Han Solo by Kyro Ren? UGH!!!! I can see that the theme of “killing your father” runs strong in the Star Wars series!!!

Soooo many questions yet I ain’t got no damn answers. I wonder if future Star Wars films will answer my questions. Or hell if there are any Star Wars fans reading this post, please please comment below. Enlighten me plzzzzzzzz!

Okay enough rambling for now cuz I really could go on and on and on and on and oooooooonnnnn!

rey and BB8

Until next time… May the Force be with You.


the southern yankee



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