Up Waaaaaay Too Early

So I’m up.

Wide awake.

Can’t go back to sleep.


There isn’t a yawn on my mind. A sleepy smacking of my lips because I can taste the morning breath. Nothing!! I am just awake.

This. Shit. Sucks. Hairy. Balls.

This happens without fail every stinking time Boo leaves for work before me. Every. Stinking. Time. I don’t get it actually. Well… I suppose it wouldn’t happen if I didn’t pick up my phone and play with it every morning. Yep I know. I should really try to detach from my iPhone every now and then. I might actually see the world.

LOL naaaaaaah that ain’t gon happen. I’m more glued to my phone now than I ever been before. I should one day see how long I can go without looking at my phone. If I can go without my iPad for a long period of time only because it’s a wifi only device then I can do the same with my phone right?! Right?! Not falling for it, huh?! Yeah me either.

Back to the topic at hand…. I’m awake. I’m starting to yawn and get sleepy but I gotta get up soon to do something with Luquisha and get dressed for work. 😫 I don’t want to get out of bed. I’m perfectly okay with staying in bed all dern day! Then again Boo isn’t here to lay in bed with me so I guess I’ll have to get up.

Mmm I’m hungry! Nooooo I think I just need coffee. Yep coffee will be good. I got a free reward on my dealer gold card. Plus I have my birthday reward. I dare not use both today tho. No no no!! y’all see the delirium right?

OMG **yyyyyyaaaaawwwwnnn**

Okay I’m getting up now.

Comment below and let me know what’s for breakfast!!!

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

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