Writer-Vation: Feeling Accomplished

This week has a week of accomplishments for my little corner of the blogosphere. I completed the BlogHer NaBloPoMo November challenge on Sunday. I hit 1500 views the other day. And today, I hit 100 followers.

I. Feel. Accomplished.

When I started writing this blog, I never really expected to accomplish such milestones because I write in order to maintain my sanity. Lawd knows I think and over analyze entirely too much about the little and frivolous aspects of my life. I spend almost every waking moment worrying my life away as my friend constantly tells me. It isn’t my intention. It’s just how I have always been. And blogging about my alcohol and coffee induced life sorta helps me calm the fuck down.

I’m always surprised when I have more than five or six views because like I said I didn’t really expect to have so many readers. I’m not trying to sound arrogant or unappreciative. I’m actually very humbled by the number of followers and views of my blog. I share my achievements with any and every person who will listen.

HA! Perhaps this means my writing isn’t as bad as I seem to perceive it. But then again we writers are their own worse critics.

I just… Well I mean… Thank you! Thank you for your support, for following me, for making my day when you hit the like button because it really helps to build my confidence as a writer. I’ll be honest when am i not with you guys… I’ve never really been very confident in my writing. I always knew I possessed a talent for writing but I wasn’t sure if I had enough talent to accomplish my dream of becoming a famous writer. And while I’m not as popular as some other bloggers, that’s okay because writing is a process that takes time and patience.

Besides, I still have much to learn about blogging, maintaining a website and honing in on my craft. Again, I appreciate you stopping by my corner of the blogosphere and following along with the craziness that is my world.

As always, thanks for reading…



The Southern Yankee

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Nerdtastic, Write?

I am an aspiring writer trying to find my place in the world. Writing makes me happy, save lives much like coffee, and keeps me grounded. To honestly know me is to understand my way of thinking, my quirky, sarcastic side comments, and left uppercut verbal jabs and side-eye death stares. I’m simplistic but can often be very complex in nature. I love life to the absolute fullest, but I am human; therefore, I have more than my fair share of ups and downs. I am a giant kid, so being goofy comes naturally to me. I secretly strive to be the next Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, Zora Neale Hurston, or Shonda Rhimes. I openly and stupidly wear every bit of my heart on my sleeve and refuse to apologize for or minimize my true, unedited feelings.

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