The Boys Club

Every coffee shop is virtually the same in terms of clientele.


College students.

Morning commuters.

Creative types.

Business folks.

The dealer near my job sees all of the above plus healthcare professionals, oil and gas tycoons and a few of the personal trainers from the 24Hour Fitness down the street.

Depending on what time I stop in, I usually see the same people all the time. There’s a very tall gentleman who reps my Dodgers and drives a Dually Ford truck. There’s a gentleman that sit in one of the leather chairs and reads on his Samsung phone while listening to music. There’s also a funny little lady who usually buys three venti sized drinks; one of which is in a shiny and colorful tumbler.

Then there’s The Boys Club. I believe these guys frequent the dealer more than I do. here I thought I was an addict I usually get to the dealer around 06:40 and The Boys Club come in around 07:00 maybe 07:10. With. Out. Fail. They remind of The Three Stooges for some reason. I’m not exactly sure why though. They don’t act up or hit each other. Nor is there an obvious Larry, Curly and Moe.

More often than not at least three gentlemen will come into the dealer for their morning The Boys Club meetings. Third gentleman is usually changes from time to time. Only two come in together all the time.

The two of the gentlemen that frequent the dealer the most are both tall in stature.

The first of the two is a balding slightly younger gentleman, who we will call Larry. He reminds me of the Caucasian fathers who have learned how to take care of their biracial or adopted black daughter’s hair because he has a phone shield that is a picture of a very cute curly haired black girl. I smile every time I see his phone cover.

The second gentleman, who I think is the older of the two frequent addicts, reminds me of Lanny Griffith from Fox 26. I’m not sure why but he looks very much like him. The only difference between Lanny Griffith and this gentleman, who we will call Moe, seems like the ultra serious executive type, the ring leader even.

I’m not sure exactly what fascinates me about this group of gentlemen. Sometimes I wonder if they’re talking about important business or just shooting the shit like my Papa and his use to do with I was little. I mean it before 08:00 how much business can really be discussed before the coffee has taken its full affect. Sometimes I wonder if they’re planning a hostile but strategic takeover of one of the companies residing in Stepford. yaaaaaaaas I really do think that way

I’m almost certain these gentlemen are nothing like I imagine them to be but it amuses me to think otherwise.

Thanks for letting me ramble about nada…

The Southern Yankee

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