That Was Sooooo High School

Soooooo tell me something… Is it customary to maintain relationships wit folks In ones high school graduating class? This does not include those friends who stuck with you through thick, thin, ugly, shitty and buffoonery. Think carefully about that while I finish this post.

There’s a girl from my high school class who wants to reconnect with me. Mind you it’s been relatively a little over fifteen fucking years since I’ve seen or talked to this person. FIFTEEN YEARS!!!! Not once in these years has she bothered to contact me but now all of a sudden she misses me and I’m just supposed to be like “oh heeeeey gurl! How you durn? Let’s be friends!” Fuck that shit.

Look if there’s one thing I hate most is being fake. I can’t for the life of me fake it until I make it. I just can’t especially when something feels superficial. I avoid shit when I know something isn’t going to go well for me. I just can’t even fathom why all of a sudden this person wanting to reconnect when we weren’t that close in high school. Shiiiiiiiit, we weren’t even THAT close in elementary or junior high either. I’m just extremely perplexed by this.

My sisters say I’m being rude and mean and I’m like how? Cuz I don’t want a meaningless friendship who has no idea what kind of life I’ve had. She wasn’t there when I had my daughter. She wasn’t there when I struggled to graduate from Baylor. She wasn’t there when I got my first real grown up job. She doesn’t know anything about the who or why I am the way I am. Perhaps I’m being overly dramatic about the whole situation. I mean it ain’t like I gotta nor would I ever call, text or email her all the time.

I dunno…. I feel if we were meant to be more than acquaintances then it would’ve happened by now. Right? Let’s not pretend that time makes the heart grow fonder because honestly it really doesn’t for those who didn’t bother to see about me in fifteen damn years.

Thanks for letting rant and rave…

The Southern Yankee

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