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::excuse me while I pass smooth the hell owt like the Southern Yankee belle that I am::


It’s amazing how one single act of kindness can totally make your day!

My Monday started off horribly ratchet and uncomfortably hot. I hate Texas summers!! But this afternoon, my day was completely turned upside down when I saw this notification yesterday:

Then I saw the name of my blog listed at the bottom of this post. It was then when I went running around the office like a crazy woman hyped up on a quadruple venti caramel macchiato with extra caramel, extra whip and a shot of espresso on the dern side from the dealer a.k.a. Starbucks. Mmmm crack goooood for a writer’s soul! Or worse like this:

Lemme just say how incredibly honored and overjoyed I am to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. My little writer heart is completely filled with so much joy and excitement I can’t stand it. I have had this blog for a little over four years now and have struggled greatly with how I to present my writing to the world. I am not someone that can eloquently express herself live in person. Please believe when I want to I can hold my own in a public setting. I just get sweaty palm nervous and extremely introverted when I have to speak in front of people.

thank you

thank you

thank you
sooooooooo very much to Hailey of pigsandwriting
for thinking of my blog for this award. Excuse me for a second still bouncing off the dern wall. I’ve never been nominated for a blogging award before and it feels pretty dern goooooood.

Okay now for the shawt and sweet background on the One Lovely Blog Award: It’s an award given by other bloggers who think your blog is the shizznit! Or as Tamar Braxton would say the bomb dot com! Or as Snoop D O double G would say “Fa shizzle my nizzle!”

Now for some few simple ground rules:

  1. Nominated blogger must link back to the person who nominated them – done and done twice!
  2. List said rules and display their award – list done and award in featured images
  3. Share seven (7) fast about yourself – brace yo’self
  4. Choose an unspecified number of blogs to nominate – drum roll all the way to the end of this post!

Random Facts

    Random Fact #7:
I am a huge fan of comics. Being that I am my mother’s only child, my brothers both live in California and no one in my mother’s family likes comics, I find it strange sometimes that I have such a love for comic book characters and the stories that surround them. I’ve always had a really active sorta out of this world imagination. Not just because I’m a writer but because I was the only child in the house. All those late sleepless nights as a child fueled the craziness you read on my blog today. Plus my big brother in Alpha Phi Omega nicknamed me Lady Deathstrike; which has nothing at all to do with my violent anger management issues. You can’t prove a damn thing ya hur?!

Random Fact #6: I learned to drive on a farm tractor at the age of five. When I was younger, my mother and I lived on my grandparent’s farm in Podunkville. population 300 Since my mother and grandmother worked during much of my early childhood, I spent every waking minute with my Papa. We would go work across the road in the field on a tractor much like the one pictured to the right. Well when I was five I was TALL for my age and could reach the pedals perfectly. When Papa needed to bale hay, guess who got to drive? MOI! It sounds #kontrybumpkin but I had the best time driving the tractor. And don’t let me turn up the speed to a whoopin 40 mph. shoooooo I was FLYIN!

Random Fact #5: Puedo leer y escribir en español, pero yo no hablo mucho porque no quiero echar a perder la pronunciación. Did you guys get that? One would think that after “speaking” Spanish for the majority of my life, I would be more fluent and able to speak as fast as a native speaker. Pero no! I speak more Spanglish than actual Spanish which doesn’t help me much unless it’s a common word said in both languages. But more often than not, I’ll start speaking in Spanish and end in English because I’ll forget (or not know) the word I want to use in Spanish. I DO know how to order food. And I unfortunately know when I’m in trouble. Go figure.

Random Fact #4: I’m not sure if this is a random fact or a confession. But here goes nothing. Ladies and gentlemen… I have an addiction. It’s hard for me to say this but bear with me please. No it’s nothing related to illegal substances or punishable by serving a jail sentence. I’m too goofy as it is for thangs like that. But I do have a dealer that operates out of multiple locations across the United States. You see like most Americans I gots ta have my morning jolt. I like it dark and black without any additives. Of course there are occasions that I like a little extra oomph and with some sweet succulent goodness on top. And then there are those times I like it completely dirty! Y’all do know I’m talking about Starbucks drinks right?

Random Fact #3: Who knew my tattoo is a variant of my first name in Japanese. So every now and then I get inkling for researching my first name. In trying to think of random facts about myself, my sister mentioned Googling the meaning of my first name. Well lemme just tell you that’s not an easy task because Google don’t know what to make of it. And in typical Google fashion, it asked me. Hells naw that’s not what I meant Google. But I went with it because someone has actually called me Chikara (pronounced “Chee-kah-rah”). Well to my surprise the Japanese kanji symbol for Chikara is
which is the exact tattoo I have on my right arm. Yes I knew what the symbol meant when I got the tattoo which is power, capability or influence. But I had no idea the English spelling of the symbol or that one day Google would ask me if I meant Chikara instead of Cheycara.

Random Fact #2: I was a member of a singing group. I should probably mention that we never signed a record deal or made it to the Grand Ole Opry. Hell, we never really made it out of our little country church in Podunkville. I can’t remember how the whole ordeal started but the pastor of our church would always request my cousins and me to sing every Sunday. We were called “The Trio”. Unoriginal I know but that’s what he called us and that’s what we went by. Looking back, I realize that was probably the best time of my life because even though my cousins and I hated singing in front of everyone at church and other churches, we always stood by each other and help one another “get through”.

Random Fact #1: My hur has a name and her name is Luquisha Renáe. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I named my hair. Being natural isn’t just about changing one’s look. We all have the ability to alter our outward appearance and use it as a way of self-expression. So as long as the individual is happy with how he or she looks then everyone else can just crawl under the whole in which they have been living for I don’t know how many years. Luquisha, for me, is an extension of my personality. When I feel sassy, I rock a frohawk. When I want to be cute, I’ll pin one side back or wear a cute hair tie. Other days when I’m feeling empowered and highly opinionated, I’ll rock a big ass “power to the people” fro. I love the adventure that Luquisha and I currently on together. I think as she grows; I will too.

Hope you guys enjoyed my David Letterman style countdown of my seven random facts. Hope you guys learned something interesting.

Now… for the piece of Pièce de résistance… drum roll please… here are MY nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award… Please take a moment to take a gander at these blogs as I am sure you will enjoy them just as much as I do! Please note this is in no certain order.

single girl blogging


milk & whiskey

beautifully mane

life is a damn circus

one fifty

liquor, loans and love

 Alright! Woooooo it only took me two days to accept my nomination for One Lovely Blog Award and to complete this post! Thank you so much again Hailey for nominating The Southern Yankee.


Thanks for reading…


The Southern Yankee

One thought on “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. Oh, this is so flattering. Thank you for nominated “Life is a Damn Circus.” My blog is all about looking at the world as the circus it really is. You really don’t have to attend a circus to find the weirdest spectacles on the planet. Sometimes you must only venture next door, or just walk outside your home. No matter the outcome, thank you for highlighting my blog and I wish you will return for more circus acts!! SouthernGal- grand master of the circus…


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