Day 12: The Last Song You Heard

I listen to music all day every day. Partly to drown out all the annoying sound chitter chatter in the office. Partly to keep me from going off on people. So it is safe to say, I hear music but I may or may not actively listen. Ladies reading this post you know exactly what I mean between hearing and actually listening.

But when my music app plays Day 12’s song, every thought in my mind seem to cease. I stop paying attention to mindless babble and the various nuances that annoy me to no utter end.

Of course, most Gospel songs have that effect on me anyway because Gospel is the one genre, aside from Classical, that really calms my nerves.

Anyway… hope you enjoy the selection for this post.

Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee

Published by

Nerdtastic, Write?

I am an aspiring writer trying to find my place in the world. Writing makes me happy, save lives much like coffee, and keeps me grounded. To honestly know me is to understand my way of thinking, my quirky, sarcastic side comments, and left uppercut verbal jabs and side-eye death stares. I’m simplistic but can often be very complex in nature. I love life to the absolute fullest, but I am human; therefore, I have more than my fair share of ups and downs. I am a giant kid, so being goofy comes naturally to me. I secretly strive to be the next Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, Zora Neale Hurston, or Shonda Rhimes. I openly and stupidly wear every bit of my heart on my sleeve and refuse to apologize for or minimize my true, unedited feelings.

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