Knowing When to Let Go


 Sometimes God places people or obstacles in our life’s to stretch our comfort zones. Other times I can’t help but wonder if he’s testing us to see if we will pass or fail the same test that he has presented to us time and time again. Then there are the times when we allow for people/obstacles to remain in our lives unnecessarily causing ourselves to deal with avoidable issues. (Something like the definition of insanity …. You know doing the same thing over and over again …. expecting different results!)
This can apply to various areas in our lives like our attitudes, situations at work, our relationships including friendships and heck sometimes even our family members.

It poses the question, when should you decide to completely block out/alter someones placement in your life or release yourself from a situation?

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Nerdtastic, Write?

I am an aspiring writer trying to find my place in the world. Writing makes me happy, save lives much like coffee, and keeps me grounded. To honestly know me is to understand my way of thinking, my quirky, sarcastic side comments, and left uppercut verbal jabs and side-eye death stares. I’m simplistic but can often be very complex in nature. I love life to the absolute fullest, but I am human; therefore, I have more than my fair share of ups and downs. I am a giant kid, so being goofy comes naturally to me. I secretly strive to be the next Ernest Hemingway, J.K. Rowling, Zora Neale Hurston, or Shonda Rhimes. I openly and stupidly wear every bit of my heart on my sleeve and refuse to apologize for or minimize my true, unedited feelings.

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