Day 1: A Song from Your Childhood

So I’m a child of the very vibrant, full of color and pizazz, funkadelic 1980s. The music… the clothes… the BIG ASS hair… I loved it ALL. I suppose if it were not for my mother’s youngest brother, I wouldn’t have even been exposed to everything that is/was the 1980s. See my Uncle Anthony (a.k.a. Uncle Bigfoot yo take it for what it is. the man has giant feet!), was a high school student when my mother and I moved to Texas and started living with him and my maternal grandparents. And like most teenagers, he liked to play his music LOUD! Since me and mom’s room was directly across the hall from Uncle Bigfoot’s, I heard all the beats and instruments clearly when he’d get home from school. So needless to say I got to listen to all kinds of music. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all the artists Uncle Bigfoot listen to. I only remember Aretha Franklin and that’s because she is his ABSOLUTE favorite but we won’t be talking about giving folks a little bit of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. while traveling down the Freeway of Love acting like a Chain of Fools waiting Until You Come Back to Me. No Miss Franklin you may be the QUEEN of Soul but today you are not the artist that reminds of my childhood.

When I sit here and really think about it yes my head hurts from thinking so hard there are waaaaaaay too many songs that come to mind from my childhood. But I suppose the one song from the 80s that I absolutely love and remember vividly is Thriller by Michael Jackson. I remember being scared out my mind when I first saw it on MTV. But I had to see what was going to happen next. Plus for its time, it was really advanced in terms of special effects and imagery. You just didn’t see too many music videos that looked like Thriller. Hell you really didn’t see anything like Michael Jackson’s music video. Think about Billy Jean or Smooth Criminal. I guess you could say MJ was one of my favorite artists as a child.


Thanks for reading…

The Southern Yankee





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