Something to Ponder Tuesdays…

Being that it is the New Year, I have decided to start something new in hopes that I will be motivated to write more. I would also like to receive feedback on my writing and/or my ability to create meaningful writing . On Tuesdays of every week, I am going to post “something to ponder”. These posts will range in topics. It is my hope that other people have had a crazy sort of life much like I have and we all can engage intelligently and respectfully.

Now a little bit of housekeeping: While I welcome feedback, it must be constructive and add to the conversation. I am not here to change anyone’s mind about the topics I bring up or discuss. I am quite aware that most people do not share my opinions on certain topics and that’s okay because well that makes for good conversation.  I am just trying to improve my writing and my scope of writing. With that said, any negative comments will be DELETED.

Tell Me What You Think...

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